What is the delivery process?

All pet tag orders are lodged simultaneously with Red Dingo’s servers, on completion of a successful payment.You will receive a confirmation email from Red Dingo to confirm all details entered are correct as well as an accurate preview of how your order will look. If at this stage there is anything you need to change, please notify them immediately by return of email. It is important that you do not wait too long here, and let them know IMMEDIATELY by return email. There is only a short window of time, as your tag needs to be dispatched ‘same day’. Your pet’s new tag will then be engraved & a second email will be sent later in the day to confirm your order has now been dispatched. All tags are dispatched addressed to your pet (with your name is on the envelope too) but please bear this in mind if getting it sent to your work place. Please always list your company name on the envelope to assist with delivery purposes. We find a lot of mail that goes missing does not include the company name